Seed Treatment

Produce high germination rates and increase the development of the plant rooting structure.

Soil Treatment

Rejuvenate the soil and stimulate microorganisms to supply nutrients to feed the plant.

Foliar Treatment

Repel pests and insects from attaching the plant and improve the uptake of Photosynthesis.

Low-cost natural fertilizer

BioPrime is a highly effective low-cost natural fertilizer and soil conditioner, that rejuvenates and brings overworked soil back to life and accelerates plant growth rates.

Increase agricultural yields

BioPrime has been proven to dramatically increase agricultural yields – as well as nutritional quality – whilst reducing pest pressure, lowering water consumption, and reducing or eliminating the requirement for additional fertilization.

Stimulate soil, increase production

BioPrime functions via the stimulation of micro-and-macro-organism activity in the soil, resulting in in the production of enzymes, the building of natural matter, the balancing of soil pH and the scavenging of heavy metals to create a habitat for soil biota.

Balance soil & improve quality plant health

All these factors work to balance the soil, resulting in increased yields and better overall plant health and quality. BioPrime is compatible with other fertilizers but for most users it reduces or eliminates the need for additional chemical inputs, both fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides.