BioPrime Agriculture

Farmers achieve better results for less through healthy Soils The benefits of BioPrime for Agriculture include:


  • Building soil structure and porosity, allowing air and water to reach roots in proper proportion and allowing them to hold on to nutrients
  • Improving plant tolerance to stress and drought, while protecting people and the environment from detrimental run off, leaching and erosion


  • Making nutrients available through the stimulation of microorganisms for plant uptake right in the root zone.
  • Producing more vibrant crops, tastier vegetables, and stronger trees


  • Quickly invigorating root growth and overall plant development
  • Maximizing plant performance and potential
  • Amplifying plant vigour, colour and density
  • Drought Resistance
  • Conserving water and enabling crops to mature, even in drought conditions


  • Guarding plants against pests and disease by physically blocking and preventing them before they get a foothold
  • Simplifying the farming operation by feeding and defending plants in the same application without exposure to harmful chemicals


  • BioPrime works even without sunlight. It has been proven to shortcut the plant photosynthesis increasing the speed and efficiency of plant production. Its high efficiency increases product quality, improves product taste and flavours, keeps food longer, disease and pest resistance, weed competitiveness, lower production cost, and drought resistance


  • A Natural Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner
  • Increases soil nutrient uptake of plant
  • Directly balances soil Ph
  • Improves seed germination rates
  • Repels pests and deters insects
  • Creates rapid root growth
  • Improves soil water retention
  • Reduces chemical fertilizer use
  • Causes nitrogen fixation in soils
  • Produces increased crop yields