BioPrime Natural Fertilizer

BioPrime is a unique, all-natural BioFertilizer and soil conditioner that revitalises the soil, while increasing plant growth rates and agricultural yields. It does this by stimulating and reproducing billions of microorganisms in the soil, providing the precursors for plant growth and a boost of natural nutrients that are essential for healthy plants and healthy soil.

A prebiotic and probiotic treatment for all plants, flowers, tree species, fruits and vegetables and root crops.

BioPrime is activated in non-chlorinated water for 48 hours and then diluted at a ratio 15:1. Each treatment and crops have specific usage requirements for the following treatments:

Root Growth

Pre-treatment of seed and seedlings positively increases the rooting structure and water retention

Seed Treatment

Plant Food

The production of enzymes, release of micro minerals and stimulation of micro-organisms increases

Soil Treatment

Pest/Disease Control

Mineral electrolytes release electrical energy to repel pests, insects and treat

Foliar Treatment