How Do I Apply Bioprime

BioPrime is simple to apply, however do follow the directions closely, as is recommended for your specific crops.
There are many crop types, as is BioPrime’s many tailored Crop Applications, Dilution Protocols and Treatments.
BioPrime is a BioFertilizer, and it is certified by the FPA, for use on " All Crops", as it has The Natural Advantage®

BioPrime Product, non-chlorinated water, 16L knapsack sprayer, 2L clear bottle, small funnel and stirring stick.

BioPrime is supplied in a dry powder form, and it should be kept sealed and in a cool, dry place until ready to activate.
Activating BioPrime is adding concentrated powder to water and stirring solution thoroughly, until fully dissolved.

Do Not use Chlorinated Water as this will kill off the microorganisms and prevent BioPrime from Activating effectively.
Water collected from rain tank, a well and or a clean irrigation canal is preferred, however if only chlorinated water is
available from a tap, then this may be left in an open container and or large basin, for 48 hours, in the direct sunlight.

Utilize a 16 Litre Knapsack Sprayer, for best coverage for your crops. It can be the same sprayer used for pesticide and
herbicides, providing the container has been thoroughly flushed, free from left over contaminants and open-air dried.

For optimum results, we recommend that you plan to apply your now Activated BioPrime, within a 10-day time-frame.
Apply in the early morning, before 7am or late afternoon after 4pm. Most effective when there is moisture on the soil.
We do not recommend applying it, when there is forecasted strong and or heavy rains to avoid “wash-out” of efficacy.

The application and the dilution protocols of the required volume of BioPrime, will depend greatly on the specific crop,
tree, vegetable and or flowering plant, as will the recommended treatment to be applied to the soil, seed and or foliar.

For additional detailed information regarding these recommended application protocols, please do contact us here at
BioPrime Agri Industries by email, on and or click on our “Send us a Message Form”.

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