International Case Studies

Sugarcane (Ecuador)

Recorded 14.5% increase in yield and 28% increase in Brix content over the control

Corn (West Texas, USA)

Treated seed increased yield by 26.6 tons per hectare with 50% less synthetic fertilizers

Alfalfa Hay (Nevada, USA)

Increased yield from 9.6-ton average to 14.5-ton average per Hectare. 30% reduction in fertilizer. Use of pesticides significantly reduced

Coffee (Kenya)

Minimum 100% increase in yield, with improved quality of the coffee

Nursery Plants (Oregon, USA)

Observed massive increased root growth and rate of growth

International Case Studies: Pest and Diseases

Army Worms: Observed on grass hay in Alabama, USA which were infesting all surrounding areas accept fields treated with BioPrime.

Fusarium: By removing the diseased leaves and treating the soil around the plant is resulting in Fusarium being eliminated. Currently there are ongoing trials using BioPrime taking place with key growers in the Philippines.

Rust Disease: Farmers in Kenya were able to completely eliminate this problem using BioPrime along with Coffee Berry Disease.

Nematodes: Rose bushes being cultivated in South Africa where not responding to chemical fertilizers to remove Nematodes making the rose bush sick. BioPrime treatment resulted in the bush returning to health and productivity.

Aphids: The use of BioPrime on alfalfa hay in Nevada, USA resulted in aphids falling of the plants because the pests were not able to consume the healthy plant due to the electrical frequency produced by the BioPrime application.