Rice Production (Visayas)

Increased harvest from long term average of 1.5-2 tons per hectare to 6.6 tons per hectare, no changes in practices other than soaking of the rice seeds in BioPrime for 24 hours prior to germination.

Rice Production (Luzon)

Controlled trial on 2 hectares of rice fields using both inbred and hybrid rice that have undergone seed pre-treatment and soil treatment. Recorded 85% germination rate from old hybrid seeds and increased rooting structure of both varieties. Currently entering the second month of the trials.

Fast Growing Tree Plantation (Visayas)

Significantly increased the growth of saplings transplanted in the nursery. Effectively treated acidic soils and accelerated the root development of the sapling upon out planting.

Ylang Ylang Plantation (Luzon)

Significantly faster germination, significantly increased growth, significantly reduced mortality after transplanting.

Demo Farm (Visayas)

In process of establishing trial and control crops of sugarcane, coffee, cacao, tobacco, banana, pineapple, vetiver grass, sunflower, Turmeric and 10 fast growing tree species (Exotics and Endemics). This will be a showcase for the product.

Ongoing Institutional Trials: Philippines


Philippine Rice Institute (Philrice)



Isabela State University