Our Scientist

Dr. William Jackson, PhD.,

the man behind the BioPrime science.

Our scientist, Dr. William Jackson, Ph.D., has pioneered innovation in the field of natural biological inputs for agriculture. He has written several award winning book on soil conditioning and the science behind BioPrime fertilizer. It was after 20 years of research and development before Dr Jackson began commercial production of BioPrime.

Dr. Jackson's interest in healthy soil and safe products began as a child raised in a small farm community of Idaho, USA. Over the past 50 years Dr. Jackson witnessed, first hand, the impact of major agricultural use of inorganic chemical salt fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, hormones and antibiotics on human and environmental health.

The negative impact of chemical fertilizers inspired Dr. Jackson to innovate organic methods that could help renew the soil, improve crop production, and help remove harmful chemicals from the human food chain. The environments of birds, animals, and humans needed some care and there were problems that needed some answers... enter his formulation for the BioPrime Product.